Everyone in Business Needs to Be a Student of Marketing

February 7, 2018
Drew Neisser
for AdAge

When I was a student at Duke I wasn't much of a student—at least when it came to academics. Vastly preferring the lessons offered via extra-curricular activities, I gained a practical introduction to advertising by promoting various film series but in truth. Also, taking an actual marketing class was not an option. Well, that was a long time ago and the interest in and importance of understanding marketing has increased dramatically since then. There are now substantial curriculums at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, at Duke and across the country.

Why All Businesses Need to Be Better Listeners

January 24, 2018
Drew Neisser
for AdAge

In the mid '90s, Penny Wilson and the developers at Alias Wavefront took notice when consumers complained about the fake hair on characters in their video games. By listening to their customers and creating realistic "digital hair," Wilson recalls that "it really leapfrogged us above any of the other competition" and within three years the upstart Canadian company sold to Silicon Graphics for $450 million. That's the kind of profitable lesson one doesn't soon forget.

What to Do When Branding Becomes a Dirty Word

January 10, 2018
Drew Neisser
for AdAge

Her marching orders, like those of just about any new b-to-b CMO especially those with tech-oriented products, were to drive demand. "Just fill the pipeline, keep sales happy and you'll do fine," advised her peers. Yet for Juliette Rizkallah, recalling her first few days at SailPoint back in March of 2015, this tactical approach felt insufficient. Her past experience pointed her to the critical need for both brand building and demand generation if she and her organization were truly going to cut through.

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