July 12, 2013

Weekly Social Media Roundup: July 12th

sm roundup

In this week’s social media roundup, we scoured the Internet for the stories you may have missed and have found six that are worth a read.

1) Some banks miss the mark with older customers’ online experience. – A recent survey of baby boomers confirmed that some banks should reevaluate the online experience they provide. This speaks to banks’ broader problems transitioning to the digital sphere with online banking and social media platforms.

2) What would the iconic Wall Street Bull say if he could speak for himself? – This short film follows the life story of the bull from its birth to its transition to a symbol of financial excess, all through his truly New York perspective. The film is nominated for Smithsonian Magazine‘s In Motion video contest.

3) Mobile ad revenue will top $1 billion in 2013. – A recent eMarketer study says that mobile payments at point-of-sale will top $58 billion by 2017. Delays in technology and adoption have hindered growth in recent years, but one-third of brands plan to have mobile payment options in the near future.

4) This hugging chair brings to life Facebook birthday wishes. – Outback Steakhouse and ad agency Lew’Lara/TBWA have created the B-day Chair, which gives patrons some tangible love when connected to their Facebook accounts.

5) Online publishers now have a way to track and monetize copied text. – When a user highlights more than eight words on a page synced with Share Text, the app presents several sharing options, ensuring that the publisher always knows where their words are headed.

6) There are several simple solutions to common productivity problems. – Over-absorbing, over-scheduling, over-multi-tasking, and procrastinating are habits easily developed, but also easily broken, with a little bit of psychology.