July 26, 2013

Weekly Social Media Roundup: July 26th

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Busy week? We bring you six bits of information that you might have missed.

1) Surprise! Not many businesses believe social is important. – MIT Sloan Management Review and Deloitte surveyed 2,545 business professionals in 99 countries on the topic of social business, and found that only 36% of surveyed professionals viewed social as important to business.

2) If Instagram is high school 2.0, who are you this time around? – Instagram is the high school of social networks, allowing users to develop their style and personality in a very public way. Find out what typical high school role (The Star, The Selfie, The Foodie, etc.) you play with your Instagram portfolio.

3) Facebook is raking in profits from mobile advertising. – The social networking company said Wednesday that it had revved up its mobile advertising from virtually nothing a year ago to 41% of its total ad revenue of $1.6 billion in Q2 2013.

4) Chipotle faked their own Twitter hack, and it worked. – To promote their 20th anniversary, @choptletweets posted a series of abstract tweets that were hints to their daily trivia. Because of the stunt, they gained over 4,000 followers and received over 12,000 RTs; that’s way more than the normal 250 followers they gain per day.

5) Instagram ads are on the horizon. – Mark Zuckerburg announced during a Facebook Q2 earnings call that Instagram might one day have ads. It’s no secret that advertising on social boosts brand engagement, but will users accept the interruption?

6) Facebook user stereotypes: are you a stalker, a newbie or a curator? – Facebook users each browse and post on the platform in different ways, but this Optify infographic attempts to whittle them down to nine stereotypes. Which profile best suits your habits? Note: none are particularly complimentary.