April 9, 2013

What Facebook Home Means To Marketers

Facebook announced their new Android-only app called Home last week to mixed reviews and new challenges. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg called it a “family of apps” that push your content directly into a user’s face whenever they access their phone. Well, not literally into your face, even though this would be really awesome and sometimes scary, but onto your screen.

As far as great product placements go, I have to stand up and applaud Facebook for knowing exactly where to place their Cover Feed. This feature puts notices on the screen when you “wake up” your phone right before you slide your finger to unlock it. I’m quietly jealous that they received access to a point where every mobile user has to see. Talk about getting eyeballs on your product! With that said, can you imagine all the possibilities?

Over the past couple of years, Facebook has made brands pay for ads in a Google-like system (which makes perfect sense now!), and more recently, for individual promoted posts. If they make the option available for brands to purchase content that will be put onto a mobile user’s home screen, where should this rank in the priority list for paid media? Maybe not too high at first given that Home is an Android-only app for now, but as soon as that changes I imagine it would shoot to the top of the list. More users access Facebook through mobile than on desktop so if brands want to achieve their max reach, Home might eventually be the place to do it.

On another note: Put some images on your statuses! Because everyone loves emojis.

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